Enrico BSJ Ferrari

Enrico BSJ Ferrari BSJ stands for Barry Saint Just. BSJ was born in Priverno (LT) Italy in 1963. Since he was a child he had been listening to ‚black‘ music remaining very fascinated with it: Joe Tex, Timmy Thomas, Willie Hutch, James Brown, just to name a few. The first ’45 he purchased was James Brown’s Sex Machine which inevitably left a mark on his whole future music production. Other significant influences recognizable in BSJ’s music are the masters Giorgio Moroder, Gino Soccio and Cerrone.
Musically BSJ was born in 1976 with the emergence of first private radio stations. Beginning in 1980 he worked in the major Italian clubs and in 1988 he became part of the DMC (Disco Mix Club). With this association he served numerous times as juror for Italian contests. In 1994, still with DMC he published his first record on the Who’s da selecta label, created with the collaboration of Sante „SANTOS“ Pucello and produced by Claudio Coccoluto.
During the first months of 1995 Enrico Ferrari gave birth to his second record, this time on the UMM record label, titled Playhouse using the name Sohante Feat. With this single B.S.J. collaborated again with Sante Pucello and Claudio Coccoluto. One version of the single was also produced by Dino Lenny.
After a short period of time together with Sante Pucello, BSJ started to work with the Bologna based Expanded Music record label and they produced six records. In 1996 Enrico generated the TAKE THIS project and in October of that same year he created the group The Leaders. Then in February of 1997, he released the single Black People Have Rhythm on the SUNTUNE record label. This release was one of many singles created by BSJ released on important dance music labels.
After a significant amount of work with the DMC staff in January 2000, BSJ under the name BLACK LEGEND, released You See the Trouble with Me. This single was an enormous success and it reached #1 on charts all over the world.
In 2001 Enrico became A&R of the UMM record label producing BSJ & Fun-k Everybody Everywhere – as well as an Elephant & Shepherd E.P. – Barry Saint Just – Electro Y.A.M.
In 2002 on the Mantra label with his friend Santos from the Italian are known as Ciociaria, he baked a very respectful Lp titled From Ciociaria With Dub EP. Under the project name Argan Oil the disc UNDO/REDO started to gain buzz in the UK with the singles titled The Bee And It’s Flower and The Voyager with DJs across the UK sharing their enthusiasm for both.
In the first months of 2005 Enrico recorded on Rise, Dancing King Snefro as Barry Garcia.
Since October 2005 has been developing a new labels QOKI and ADMISSION Records in collaboration with Alex Mas. This ambitious project will be distributed worldwide by Karma Distribution.

In 2014 Enrico creates the labels TRAKTORIA and DOMOZERO.


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