The French-Brazilian artist LEOZ!NHO is formed by many influences, including those of the French Touch and the English wave. At the age of 7, he entered the conservatory to practice music theory and the cello. Very quickly, he discovers the turntables and trains as soon as possible. At the age of 14, he began performing in various venues and perfecting his style.

In 2012, he started to take an interest in production and remixed his favourite funk songs. This is how he was spotted by Carré Bleu and Klup Records. This was followed by a first official EP on Boutade Musique, then on Disco Balls Records.

In 2016, LEOZ!NHO is acclaimed by PWFM listeners and gets the opportunity to appear on the first vinyl of the collective with its track Sincerely Jack, a veritable hymn to the sun with its bewitching groove.


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